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What is ESG?

Seamlessly integrating First Nations perspectives into existing ESG frameworks at a global scale is the fundamental objective of our mission.


In harmony with First Nations' reverence for air, land, and water, FNESG is committed to fostering a sustainable coexistence with Earth's resources.

We guide businesses in reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste, conserving water, and nurturing the land that sustains us all by considering the perspectives of First Nations peoples. Recognizing the profound impact commerce has on our natural world, our platform champions environmental stewardship that advances both the planet's health and business vitality. We share a vision where every decision in business echoes the First Nations' respect for nature, creating a thriving world for today and safeguarding it for tomorrow.


Rooted in the First Nations' ethos of community and equality, FNESG promotes social practices that embrace diversity, uphold human rights, and reinforce community bonds.

Our goal is to cultivate an inclusive society, rich in varied backgrounds yet united in purpose, where discrimination & prejudice has no place. FNESG believes that by intertwining these deep cultural values with business strategies, companies can not only reach their financial aspirations but also forge a path to social empowerment and an equitable world for every individual.


Guided by the First Nations' consensus principle of 'one mind, one heart,' FNESG underscores the need for integrity and collective benefit in governance.

We advocate for transparency and accountability, empowering organisations to share information openly and embrace the consequences of their decisions. The three key goals of governance are transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making. These make up the framework for decision making & operations. Our approach instils a governance framework that respects the role of each stakeholder, ensuring that ethical, clear, and principled decision-making is the bedrock upon which successful and reputable businesses stand.