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Our future is a shared responsibility 

To protect it, we must consider ESG from a global perspective, learning from our past and present. We’re dedicated to integrating the cultural principles of First Nations with today’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) needs.

Our self-assessment platform empowers your business to understand, evaluate, and improve your ESG footprint, aligning your operations with the deeply rooted principles of respect for nature and community.

of investors consider ESG an important factor in their investment decisions
 in assets under management (AUM) from sustainable investment in global markets

Aligned with United Nations SDGs

Our platform aligns its reporting with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also introduce an 18th SDG based on a First Nation sustainable goals, which is a significant step toward incorporating First Nations perspectives into global sustainability efforts. Emphasising the spiritual connection between people, places, plant and purpose integrated throughout the existing 17 UNSDG’s. This goal is the First Nations Sustainability Principle.

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FNESG’s 18th SDG goal focuses on First Nations protection of language, culture & spirituality. Aligning with the growing recognition of ancient knowledge systems in addressing modern environmental, social, and economic challenges. This perspective emphasises the interconnectedness of all living beings and the responsibility to protect our shared home for future generations.

“Our cultural practices using ancient and adaptable intergenerational knowledge can help shape and reclaim our natural world and replenish the mauri (life force) of people, taonga (treasured species) and biodiversity.”

Te Whānau-ā-Apanui, Aotearoa New Zealand

Why First Nations ESG  matters


First Nation principles teach us the profound interconnectedness of our world. Rooted in a relationship with the land that is both spiritual and stewardship-based, these principles honour the equality and respect of all life forms.

They guide us in nurturing community through shared resources and collective decision-making, encapsulated in the ethos of 'one mind, one heart'.


Applying this wisdom to ESG, we measure our business impacts with inclusivity and respect to environmental & social diversity.

We take into considerations the well-being of our environment, the dignity of our workers, and the integrity of governance, ensuring our actions uphold the values we cherish based on the wisdom of traditional owners of our land, waterways and skies.

True Sustainability

Sustainability reaches its truest expression when it's shaped through the lens of First Nations people. Our platform is not only validated by their insights but is continuously enriched & improved through active consultation and collaboration with Firsts Nations leaders and stakeholders. This approach ensures our solution is deeply rooted in the practices and principles that have sustained these cultures for millennia, embodying a form of sustainability that is as enduring as it is genuine.


of the world's land mass

Is occupied, owned or managed by First Nations people, with 40% of this land ecologically sound & protected.


higher return on equity

For businesses aligned with the United Nations' SDGs which are more resilient, with a 12% higher stock return.


of the world’s biodiversity

First Nations who make up 6% of the global population, serve as stewards for 80% of the world's remaining biodiversity.


investors favour ESG

Investors believe companies with good ESG practices can achieve higher profitability & are better long term investments.

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